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Turning Tables

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Season One
Sung by

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Season Two

Turning Tables was a last chance performance sung by Roxanne in the fourth episode of the first season of Operation: Glee, Dance-ability. It was originally sung by Adele. This performance did not secure Roxanne a place in the next week's episode.


Close enough to start a war,
All that I have is on the floor.

Next time I'll be braver,
I'll be my own savior
When the thunder calls for me,
Next time I'll be braver.
I'll be my own savior,
Standing on my own two feet.

So, I won't let you close enough to hurt me,
No, I won't rescue you to just desert me.
I can't give you the heart you think you gave me,
It's time to say goodbye to turning tables.
To turning tables.


Adele - Turning Tables03:37

Adele - Turning Tables

Adele - Turning Tables

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