Hey y'all, where can I begin? When I first got in the house I was pretty excited. I met a lot of great people that day, some that I have grown to become really close to. When I met Ella though, it became pretty interesting. She called Roxanne and I unicorns. Well, thank gosh Glee had an episode tited I Am Unicorn, which is a favorite of mine. So thanks Ella.

The home work assignment was pretty fun, I loved meeting Lea, she is a huge inspiration of mine. I really enjoyed my line I had, I think it helped showcase who I was. When Lea told me she loved watching me and that my voice was spectacular, I about screamed from excitement. I really wanted to win that week, but I didn't so at the time I made a rude statement about Claude, who is actually really nice and he deserved the win.

The vocal booth was one of my favorite parts of Glee Project. I loved meeting Nikki, and she really helps you figure out what you're doing wrong. For me I found my line in the song really fun to sing, so I think that helped me do a good job in it.

The video shoot was spectacular, we got to film on a busy street, so you can tell people were staring at us. I didn't mind though because that's part of showbiz. I really enjoyed my character who skipped down the street. I think we all mostly had a great time this week filming. There was some problems, but everyone has an off day once or twice. I really felt bad for Claude because Erik was kind of giving him some pretty confusing directions.

When Nikki, Robert, and Zach came to reveal the bottom three, I was freaking out. You never know how this situations go. And three of us would have to perform for Ryan, which isn't an easy thing to do. I was so relieved when I was called back. I honestly felt bad for Tyler and Claude. They really tried their hardest, but had some struggles which sadly put them in the bottom. Ella I honestly thought deserved being put there for her attitude with Zach. That never goes well on Glee Project to have an attitude.

When they all came back they were telling us about their perfomances. I hated to think someone would be leaving the house, as we all just got here. When we found out Tyler was eliminated, we all were pretty shocked. It was sad to see him leave so early on.

Well, tune in next week for a sexy new episode of The Glee Project.