Hey Brandon fans, as you saw tonight was Sexuality! One of the steamiest episodes on The Glee Project. When I found out we were doing it this early, I was like WHAT? It was so soon, but it's a important part of Glee. So it's better to see who can get sexy when they have to. When I found out the HWA song was Scream by Usher, I was like what is that? I had never heard that song until that performance.

The guest mentor was Chord Overstreet, one of the cutest guys on Glee! I was so excited, but also very nervous to perform for him. I was pretty sad when I found out that I made Chord feel uncomfortable of my performance. But I kept my head high as the week went on. When he told me I was paired with Peyton, I felt a little upset. I really wanted to be paired with a guy, so I could have conveyed more emotion. Chord told us our music video song, and I was so excited to be singing Katy Perry. She's amazing!

The booth with Nikki was really fun! She loved my performance, and as always I enjoyed having my vocal session with her.

Choreography with Zach was intersting. As y'all can see I felt uncomfortable with Peyton at first. Peyton was one of my good friend's so I struggled getting intimate with someone I grown so close to. But when Zach told me to get serious, I got serious and didn't get an attitude.

The video shoot was really fun and steamy. Basically by this point I was more comfortable, and I told myself it was just acting. Which really helped me pull through the video shoot. I found this years Sexuality to be very much sexier than any other.

When the reveal of the bottom three came, I was nervous. I literally thought that I might be in the bottom. I was super happy for Lyndsay to be the first called back. She did really good this week. I was so relieved that I was on the call-back list. It would have been a train wreck for me to perform for Ryan this early. I really felt bad for Alex, I really wish he wouldn't have had to perform for Ryan. I felt Claude honestly needed to. He had been having an off performance since last week. When I found out Tiffany was in the bottom, I knew she would make it. She has a great personality and voice.

When we found out Claude left, I felt bad. But I knew that I was one step closer to fufilling my dreams and being on Glee. The next day we did back up vocals for Claude and it was emotional. It's never great to see someone leave the house.

Tune in next week for an emotional episode on Operation: Glee.