Hey my Brandon fans! So this weeks theme is one of my favorites....Theatricality! I really was excited for this theme, and I was praying I made it to this. When we got our song I freaked out. Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead is one of my favorite Glee and Broadway songs. I was really excited for perform for our mystery guest mentor. Sadly, a fight got started during the rehearsal of the HWA. Alex ended up punching me, just because I was excited for this theme. I saw no reason for him to get pissed with me over that. Everyone has a favorite week, so why was I getting a mouthful about it? I got punched, and everyone but Lyndsay was on his side. Atleast someone was thinking reasonable. Thanks Lydnsay! :)

So in the choir room our guest came in. It was Kristin Chenoworth! One of my favorite actresses around. We performed our song, and she chose me as the winner! I was unbelieveably happy for being chosen as the winner. She then told us that our song was Forget You. I really enjoyed this week.

I really impressed Nikki this week during the booth. I was doing really well this week. I knew no one was going to stop me from getting closer to the finale.

The video shoot was awesome. I finally got my stand out moment in the video! We were wax people in the muesuem. I did really well, so I knew that I wouldn't be seeing Ryan tonight!

The reveal of the bottom was pretty intense. We're getting down to the finale pretty soon. So most of us were anxious to know who was called back. I was first on the call-back list! I was relieved, but I wasn't to suprised because I really worked hard this week. The bottom three was Tiffany, Alex, and Simon. It sucked to see all of them in the bottom, even Alex. Cause now we aren't enemies, since the show ended we have became good friends, but even when him and I weren't on the same page, it did suck to seem him leave. By this point all of us have gotten close, so no one enjoys this part of the week.

In the very end, sadly, it was Simon who left. He was a good friend of the show. We sang back-up to Simon's KHO.

Tune in next week for a Romantic week. ;)