Hey y'all Brandon fans, once again! So this weeks theme was.............Vulnerability. Where to begin? Well, I was pretty scared to be doing this assignment, just because I really didn't want to be judged. And after this week had happened, I realized how much I can trust these contenders, or should I say my friends for LIFE. I was really happy to here we were doing Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne. The song is absolutely amazing, and I really wanted to show my weak side.

When I found out Chris Colfer was the jude, I wanted to CRY. Who else is better at representing LGBT then Chris himself? When we performed the song, I felt so nervous. I wanted to show Chris who I was vulnerable! When he praised my performance, and said that my message came through, it made my heart warm up. When it came down to Peyton and I, I had a feeling I wasn't going to beat her. When Chris said that she won, I teared up. I wanted to win more than anything, and have my one on one mentor session with him. I hated that two times I have been so close, and have been out beaten. But, I was legititmately happy for Peyton. We were informed we were singing Sky Scraper by Demi Lovato! I was so happy to sing such an amazing and vulnerable song!

In the vocal booth I enjoyed doing my lines for Nikki. I was happy to showcase myself this week. When Nikki said that I did perfect, I felt great! I didn't want to do bad in the booth.

On the video shoot everything was pretty emotional, every tear you saw was 100% real. I had such an emotional week, that I couldn't help but cry. I was happy that I did my performance correctly, as I didn't want to make a mistake that could hinder my performance.

In the reveal of the bottom three, I was scared, as usual. When Robert said my name first, I was terrified, I didin't know if this was going to turn out bad or good. Luckily, I was informed I was first on the call-back list! I had never felt so amazing! I immiediatly jumped around from doing well this week. I was happy to see Alex, Lyndsay, Mark, and Leyla all called back! I was so scared that one of them would have to perform for Ryan.

In the end, nobody left! That's right, everyone got to stay! It was sweet, I was so excited to get to spend another week with everyone, including Ella, who I now am getting closer too! Stay tuned next week for a dance-tastic week of Operation Glee!