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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    HEY TEAM ALEX! Welcome back :)

    So as you guys may know that this weeks episode is dance-ability. So I'm probably one of the worst dancers of the group, so this week was probably the most challenging to me, because I'm not a dancer at all. Anyways I think the key to good dancing is just being yourself and just letting go and not caring how people look at you, because if you do, you will probably crash and burn. The best dancer I think would probably be Simon, he is just awesome. The music video for this weeks was amazing... we got to be zombies it was so much fun. So anyways watch me and the other contenders show our dancing skills and become zombified:) so thanks you guy for all the support and make sure to tune in to this weeks episode. Al…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL


    Okay so this weeks theme was vulnerability, and let me tell ya, it was an extremely emotional week. When I found out the theme oh the week, I was actually pretty excited because I have had alot happen in my life, so I was ready to put my vulnerable side on the table. I was scared I wouldn't do well though because last week I was in the bottom 3, and I didn't want to be there it was hard for me not to get inside my head.

    So the homework assignment was "Slipped Away" by Arvil Lavinge. I was extremely nervous because I have never heard the song before and I was freaking out, luckily some on the contenders help me out. Anyways when Chris colfer walked in I was shocked that he came, like really shocked, but h…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Hey guys, welcome back to team Alex.

    Okay so lets get right into this week, which is *drum roll* sexuality week. I think being sexy is all about the confidence if you don't have any its just going to come across as forced and just unpleasing to watch. So when I found out it was sexuality week, I was excited because I would say I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality. So yeah the start of the week was amazing!

    So the hwa was scream by User, and I thought it was really fun to do....but I kind of felt awkward because everyone seemed ready to take off there clothes, and surprisingly I am a virgin so it was awkward. I felt I did okay but I don't think I did well, I could have done alot better that what I did, and I was dissapointed in myself.


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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Hello you guys, and welcome to team Alex!

    So you guys should be team Alex because I always give my best at everything, and I try to improve as much as I possible can. I feel like my story can inspire young people, and help get them through their rough times. Anyways now on to this weeks them which *drum roll* individuality. This week was really fun for me, and loved meeting all these wonderful people. I was super excited....but in the back of mind, I kept say this is a competition, I cant get to attached to these amazing talent people, but then it was to hard not to become close friends with these people. Now onto the music video, it was really fun to shoot....I have shot commercials and stuff, but I have never been on a big set, it was an…

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