Hello you guys, and welcome to team Alex!

So you guys should be team Alex because I always give my best at everything, and I try to improve as much as I possible can. I feel like my story can inspire young people, and help get them through their rough times. Anyways now on to this weeks them which *drum roll* individuality. This week was really fun for me, and loved meeting all these wonderful people. I was super excited....but in the back of mind, I kept say this is a competition, I cant get to attached to these amazing talent people, but then it was to hard not to become close friends with these people. Now onto the music video, it was really fun to shoot....I have shot commercials and stuff, but I have never been on a big set, it was an amazing experience. Just overall an awesome week. So thank you guys so much, it really means a lot to me that you chose to be team Alex and I have your support. So yeah and go check oh my future diaries to come only on

Have a wonderful day team Alex, you guys are awesome and I hope you suppport me throught this Journey.