Hey guys, welcome back to team Alex.

Okay so lets get right into this week, which is *drum roll* sexuality week. I think being sexy is all about the confidence if you don't have any its just going to come across as forced and just unpleasing to watch. So when I found out it was sexuality week, I was excited because I would say I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality. So yeah the start of the week was amazing!

So the hwa was scream by User, and I thought it was really fun to do....but I kind of felt awkward because everyone seemed ready to take off there clothes, and surprisingly I am a virgin so it was awkward. I felt I did okay but I don't think I did well, I could have done alot better that what I did, and I was dissapointed in myself.

Okay so during the recording booth for the music video it was really hard to get it right, I guess I wasn't focusing as much as I should have and that came accross and being disconnected. So it came time to the video shoot and let me tell you it was awesome, but really awkward at the same time. I tried to stay in zone and I think I did okay during the shoot. Tiffany is an amazing girl...she is a close friend and it felt weird being paired up with her but I tried to ignore it for the theme.

So I ended up in the bottom 3 unfortunately I kind of suspected it. So I really loved my performance and I thought I did my best. I was looking forward to Tiffany's LCP because I knew she would kill it and I thought she did. Anyways at the end of the week Claude went was sad to see him go but I knew he was going to do great things.

Well that's it team alex, thank you for your support and go check out my other diaries on the operation:glee wikia. See you next time.