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    Hullo, my fellow contestants! So, the new episode is coming out soon and I think we're all excited for it - who's going home? To be honest, I'm guessing Ella, but who knows?

    So, nothing really is going on right now. It is bucketing it down with rain over here in England, despite the fact it's meant to be summer. The roads are slippy, the sidewalks are wet and the clouds are constantly grey. I haven't been out much over the weeks, which is why I've been on the computer a lot, but when I go back to school, I won't be on very much - 8:15am to 3:20pm, I'm am completely offline on Monday to Friday - sorry about that. Maybe I'll get a day off and spend ALL DAY on the computer.

    So, the anniversary of the incident that happened when I was eight or n…

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