WHATS UP TEAM MARK!?!? Alright first off I just want to say how pumped I am to be here. Like legit, this has to be the greatest thing I have ever been given the chance to do. I think it is so cool being part of the top 14 young peoples that made it. I want to give a shout out to my brother Ben. You are my inspiration man, I am bringing this one home for you. Okay so this week's theme: Individuality. I say I am an individual. I play a lot of instruments, my voice is pretty unique. I say my wacky, fun personality is what makes me such an individual. I really am able to put a positive outlook on a lot of things no matter what is going on. I think that is something unique about me. Overall individuality is something that is so important. You dont want to be one of those mindless zombies that just follows the crowd, NO! you have to go out there and be yourself, because everyone is unique in there own way, some more than others. But that is really all I got for you Team Mark, keep watching Operation: Glee and supporting me the way you do. LOVE YOU.