WHAT IS UP TEAM MARK!!!!!??? Ive missed you guys! Okay so this weeks theme is vulnerability. This theme is extremely important to me. There are a lot of things that can make me feel vulnerable. For one when I was bullied I kind of became a loner because I kind of just gave up on friends for a while, so that was sure fun. Also when someone makes fun of my brother makes me feel very vulnerable. Some might ask why? they arent specifically attacking you. Well friends let me tell you. It really makes me feel exposed and powerless if someone makes fun of him. He is someone who means the world to me, and knowing I cannot defend him at times, because I need to keep my cool is really bothersome. So it really makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. Anyways the theme of being vulnerable is extrememly important. The strongest people have their weaknesses, and if you are afraid to show it, than it just makes you weaker. If you are trying to come off as tough, then I have some news for you: Its not working, AT ALL. But yeah just dont be afraid to show your vulnerable side, because in the end it will really help you become a stronger person all together, I know that is how it is for me. But stay classy Team Mark, and keep watching Operation: Glee. Things are going to get even crazier.