Hey Team Tiffany!

Note: Not Andrew who writes these, this is Andrew's Girlfriend.

So this week was Dance-Ability and well was the worst I had to deal with. I hate dancing unless it is party dancing. But my parents forced me to take ballet when I was 8 and it was just horrid! However, just because dancing isn't your talent, doesn't mean you don't have to just give up and say, oh well this week I am going home. Just do what Zach tells you and you will be fine. Now if only I could have done that earlier haha!

The Homework Assignment was Just Dance. I love this song so much! It is a song that makes you want to get up and well dance! And I was so proud of Simon for winning! He is the best break dancer ever on the show! He deserved it!

Vocals were pretty well!

Choroeography sucked, for me at least. I screwed up badly and Zach knew it. I didn't want to have a break down. But I hate when people yell at me. I just can't focus even more. It scares the hell out of me. Zach said he was sorry later, but I still knew I was in the bottom 3 :(

The video shoot was okay for me. I was very shocked to hear Brandon yell at Erik calling him a homophobe. Like seriously, Brandon is my friend and all, but he can really have an attitude. The music video looked awesome and was so much fun to shoot. I love being Zombified!

Being in the bottom for the 2nd time, well sucked! At least I got a song I knew well so I can do it justice!

When I was walking up there, I was almost so sure I was a gonner. So I was really surprised I was safe. But even more surprised it was a double elimination. I felt so bad for Roxanne and Aaron. Because deep down, I felt like I was a more probable choice :(

So tune in next time for something that shook up the whole house. Especially for a specific contender.

~Tiffany Messero~