Just a quick note for all the written diaries, abwiz's girlfriend will be writing them since I is her.

Hey Team Tiffany!!!

So this week was Individuality. To me that is easy for me. I believe I am my own person. I think everyone in the house are completely different to be honest. Except for the two queen bitches Ella and Lyndsay haha. So my advice to you is to just be exactly who you are. People can tell when you are not acting like your true personality is. So just own it. I am sure everyone probably said the same thing but who cares XD.

The Homework Assignment was Don't Stop by Fleewood Mac (One of my favorite bands). I thought we all sounded amazing. I was a bit upset to get a criticism, but that just wanted me to work even harder. I was so proud Claude won though. He is a true star.

Vocals with Nikki was not shown, but it went well. I have sucha belting voice and Nikki loved that. She said I reminded her of Shanna. I was so flattered because who doesn't want to be compared to Shanna, I mean she is awesome!

Choreography was really fun. Zach is such a dork its scary. He is also very tough on you. He threatened to step on Tyler's back haha.

The video shoot was just awesome. I love Natasha Beddingfeild. And this song is amazing. I think I did pretty well. But Peyton is just wow! She stuck out like a sore thumb which to me is inidividuality. I believe the video looked and sounded outstanding. Picking the bottom 3 must have been difficult.

Reveal of the bottom 3! This was nerve wracking for me since I got a criticism in the HWA. I was actually surprised I was 2nd called back. But I was shocked Claude was in the bottom. I thought he was great. Of the performances I seen, I thought Claude did the best, and Tyler the worst :(

Hearing Tyler wasn't called back, I can honestly can say I wasn't shocked. But I know he will go far in life with or without Glee.

Thats all I can say. Stay tuned for next week where I may be booty popping for my fellow contenders. * Cough, Sexuality is next week, Cough Cough.*