Hello my wonderful Team Tiffany!

So this week was Sexuality. I am pretty familiar with the term. I believe I am very sexy myself. I will be homest and say I am not a virgin. So I am counted as one of the more experienced contenders I guess you can say. Haha! So my advice to you if you are not sexy or an introvert (like Nellie who was one of my fave last season), just create someone you aren't. It will not only improve your sexiness, but your acting skills as well. It will impress the mentors.

So the Homework Assignment was Scream. I absolutely love this song! Usher is one of my favorite artists. I think it all went well together. Seeing Chord was a dream come true. I never thought I would see the real Trouty Mouth!!! Anyways, I am so proud of Leyla for winning! She is a star.

Vocals were really fun. Nikki and I get along so well. She is just so simple. Anyways it wasn't shown but Nikki and I were having a burp-off after she let one out. So I grabbed a soda and the ultimate belch off began. I so won IMO. Love you Nikki!

Choreography was really tough for a lot of us. Zach was getting fustrated with everyone. We all eventually got it. But Zach will get revenge somehow.

The video shoot was well not fun for Alex and me. We continuously struggled with being sexy with one another. I guess it is hard to be sexy with another person when I already am in a relationship. But I thought Alexdid a hell of a job better than me. Anyway the video shoot overall for me was a disaster. The video itself was great however. So bittersweet.

Reveal of the bottom 3. This was nerve wracking. I didn't want to get out of bed that day. Hearing I was in the bottom wasn't shocking. Just upsetting. I mean I only met Ryan once. What if he doesn't like me? And all that kind of crap was going through my head.

Thoughts on my LCP. I thought I did pretty well. Not as good as Alex though. But I just decided to give it my all, and go for it. I definitely don't want to do another LCP in the future.

Going up to the list was really hard. All I could think of was: your going home, your going home. I was so stressed out. But seeing Claudes name shocked me. I was so sad. Of all the contenders I thought would go far, it was him. Such a sad ending.

Well that was a hard episode for me to watch. Stay tuned for next time where I will be very vulnerable. *hint, hint*.