Hey Team Tiffany!

Note: This isn't Abwiz who writes these it is his girlfriend, Tiffany

So this week was the most emotional of them all for everyone. It was especially upsetting for me. Losing my parents, and being teased for being called things like a whore and a prostitute got the best of me when I was a kid. It was really, really sad. I wouldn't even tell anyone except my best friend. But she sent a wrong text to her b!tch friend and the word got out. Anyway enough from me, my advice to you is to tap into your personal past and use it as an advantage.

The Homework Assignment was Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne. I didn't know it at first (mainly because I don't like Avril Lavigne) so it was tough for me to get used to it. The mentor was the one, the only, CHRIS COLFER! I love him so much! He is such a star. This makes me want to win the competition even more knowing I get to work with people as huge as him. I believe the Homework Assignment went extremely well. And I was really proud of Peyton for winning. If anyone is vulnerable it is Alex or her.

Vocals were really good again. Nikki is by far the most fun and easy going mentor! I had a mini breakdown during the session. She asked me what's wrong and I explained my past. She said that was the most heart felt thing she ever heard. I was so flattered and touched. She said she never really seen a vulnerable side to me yet and that she liked it. It made my day a hell of a lot better.

The video shoot was well, just harsh. I cried like a baby all day. When they said my word was filthy, it just brought back so much sad memories. I was bullied and teased in school. It was tough. I definitely wasn't letting it get me today.

I was so excited I was called back! I felt I sort of redeemed myself after the mishap from last week.

After watching all the LCPs Peyton by far was just amazing.

So at first I was thinking Simon would leave. Which would be hard to take. Really any of them leaving will affect me. They are my friends. But when we all learned they were all called back I was so mega excited. It was such an awesome feeling to know your friends stay.

Thats all for now! Stay tuned for next time on Operation: Glee where I will be popping and locking :)