Hey Team Leyla! So this week was Dance-ability. I like to think of myself as a fairly good dancer, so I thought this week might be pretty easy, but boy was I wrong.

Our HWA was Just Dance by Lady Gaga, and our guest mentor was the one and only Heather Morris. She is so f*cking funny! In the end Simon won. He's one of my good friends, so I was happy for him.

I was ecstatic to find out our Music Video was a mashup of Thriller and Heads Will Roll by Michael Jackson and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I mean, they did that same exact thing on Glee!

Vocals with Nikki went very well again, it seems she's liking me, more and more everytime.

Choreography was harder than it's ever been before, but I think I nailed it and was pretty happy with my performance.

In the video we're all supposed to be at Simon's party and one by one turn into zombies. I played the paranoid girl sitting in the corner having no fun at all. I think we all did great but of course there has to be a bottom.

Surprisingly, instead of a bottom 3, there was a bottom 4, and it was made up of Brandon, Tiffany, Aaron, and Roxanne. In the end, both Aaron and Roxanne went home. We sang Keep Holding On with them and they were out the door. Poor Rosette, she's gonna miss Aaron.

Live, Laugh, Love,