Aloha Team Leyla! So this week was just amazing, probably gonna be my favorite for like the whole compeition. And this week was...drumroll please...Sexuality! So, out homework assignment was Scream by Usher, and I have to admit, I'm not a big Usher fan but I knew the song well and I knew I was gonna do well.

So the next day we were waiting to preform for out guest mentor and Chord Overstreet walks in! He's like smokin'. So I knew I had to kick my performance up a notch, and it looked like it paid off since, I WON!!! I was in shock I didn't even know I won, Tiffany had to like shake me becuase I wasn't like even on this world anymore.

I was very happy to find out that our music video was Dressin' Up. I love Katy Perry, but Dressin' Up isn't one of her well known songs, but I know it very well, so I thought I could use that to my advantage.

Vocals with Nikki went really well this week opposed to last week. I did really well and she complimented my performance.

Next we did choreography with Zach and Brooke. This week we didn't really have choreography, just sexy moves that we had to do with our partner. Mine was Mark. I felt really bad for Lyndsay. Ella outed her earlier this week as being Bisexual, and she broke into tears, and then they made her be with a boy and a girl in the music video. I wish she'd just be open about who she really is.

Next, we did the music video. I thought everyone did really well. I just had one minor slip-up. I was supposed to grab Mark's tie and bring him upstairs, and I fell down the stairs. Yeah, it hurt like hell, but I got back up and did correctly the second time.

Finally, we were going to pick the bottom three. It was Alex, Claude, and Tiffany. I'm really good friends with Alex and Tiffany, so I was praying Claude went home, and thankfully he did. We sang Keep Holding On with him, and he was out the door. Bye bye!

Live, Laugh, Love,