Hey Team Leyla! So this week was Vulnerability, and it was pretty f*cking hard. Our homework assignment was Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne and I wasn't an avid Lavigne fan in the Let Go and Under My Skin eras, so I didn't know the song at all.

Our guest mentor was the adorable Chris Colfer! I just love him so much! In the end, Peyton won the homework assignment, I was proud of her, she definitley deserved it.

I was ecstatic to hear our music video was Skyscraper! I love the song and it has such a vulnerable sound which is obviously great for this week.

Vocals with Nikki went well this week, and we both loved my performance.

When we discussed our words with Eric, it was just brought back so many bad memories for all of us. I decided my word to be Stupid cause I thought my dad left my mom and hated me, but he died. And then I started cutting myself, that's a great example of stupid.

The video shoot went well, and I did everything I was told right.

When were about to find out the bottom 3, I felt pretty good, but you never know. Sadly, it was Peyton, Simon, and Aaron. Three of my good friends in the house, but thankfully, they all stayed.

Live, Laugh, Love,